Client Reviews

In addition to providing the peace of mind that comes from personal attention and quality advice, great results will always be the yard stick measuring quality attorneys. However, as proud as we are of our outcomes, we are far prouder of what our clients say, in their own words, about how we did our job for them.

Ben is so unlike any other lawyer I have ever worked with or even heard of. He genuinely cares about his clients and puts his clients needs above his own. While I was a client of Ben, I was always kept in the loop, I never had any reason to doubt him, and I felt like I had the right man on my side. Without him, I would have been unable to get the treatment I needed and I would have been left without so many answers. He is so much more than just a lawyer, he is a blessing to his clients and to the industry.
I cannot say enough about Ben. I was in an auto accident and had multiple injures making it difficult for me to travel. He came to my home and listened tentatively about my accident. He assured me he could help me with my concerns about medical bills and insurance payments during my recovery. He stayed in constant touch by phone calls or emails. He was sincerely concerned with my recovery and suggested a therapist to help with my physiological fears of riding in/or driving after my accident. Ben worked diligently with the physicians, hospitals (3) and insurance companies to reduce their fees allowing me the best settlement possible. He also only took a minimal fee for himself. I cannot thank Ben Cox enough for his excellent knowledge and diligence in giving me the best he had to offer and getting me the largest settlement possible. Truly the most memorable experience with Ben is while dealing with my healing process, I did not have to worry about any of the above mentioned issues. He told me to focus on getting better and he would handle the rest. He did. I also cannot say enough about his assistant Heather. She also was wonderful and a solid member of his team.
Ben was sincerely great, he kept me informed with anything new and helped me understand my case in words that understood. I trusted him fully and he proved that by representing me respectfully and keeping my health needs in priority. Ben is a very honest man and I won’t hesitate to use him again if needed in the future.
Ben Cox was an amazing attorney. He made sure I knew what was going on and always kept me informed. If I was confused about something, he never once hesitated to explain to me about the situation over and over until I understood what was going on. He made an amazing recommendation for me to go see a neuropsychologist and it made such a big difference in my case. He was always punctual at calling me back. If I leave a message, he made sure he called back as soon as possible and likewise with e-mails. He never once left me thinking about what was going on with my case. With this, I was never once concern about my case because Ben did a magnificent job at contacting the insurance and making sure the insurance was only contacting him and not me. I was really glad to be able to work with an attorney like Ben. The last thing I needed was for the insurances to be calling me and asking me questions about my case and care. Because of Ben, I was able to concentrate on my care at ParkView Chiropractic Center and had a full recovery. Thank you Ben for all your hard work.
Ben Cox was great to work with. I faced many challenges with the insurance company that represented the person that hit me. He stayed focused on my goals and was very aggressive in finding creative solutions to deal with the insurance companies. I never felt like a was just a client. Sometimes we would have small talk and their would be a month or so in between the next time we would talk and he would remember every detail we talked about and ask general questions about how things were going in my life like he really felt like talking to me. I was also laid off during my time as a client and he was very helpful with questions I had related to that situation. In the end I was very satisfied with everything and I feel I got a fair settlement.
Ben you were great!!!! If we ever get into an accident again (hopefully not), you will be the first person we call!!! You pointed us towards the right doctors and kept in touch by letting us know what was going on all the time with the case. Thank you so much!
-SH & DH
As an attorney in an unrelated field, I can tell you that we can make challenging clients but Ben is a consummate professional and a caring advocate so he took it in stride. Ben has represented me in two different cases now and I've been impressed by his knowledge and communication skills on both occasions. His legal assistant Heather is friendly and organized. I got great results and they made the process less painful along the way! Highly recommend!
I was very pleased with Mr. Cox from our initial appointment to the closing. There are many qualities I appreciate in Mr. Cox. I will list just a few: thorough, dedicated, honest, and compassionate. He spent a substantial amount of time gathering and studying information for my case. He was quick to inform me and answer my questions. He listened and responded to my concerns and wants. I am thankful for his representation in my case.
Ben Cox represented me in a case that was long, challenging and complicated, Throughout the over 1.5 years that Mr. Cox managed my case, he was the ideal mix of professional, thorough and realistic, including during negotiations and trial preparation. Throughout this process, it became clear how well he prepared for key events and how highly regarded he is by the legal community in Portland, OR. Mr. Cox successfully settled my case approximately two months prior to the trial date in an amount that was realistic, matched my expectations (which were reasonable), and was also fair. My career has required that I work and negotiate with attorneys on a regular basis. I can recommend Ben Cox without hesitation.