Auto Insurance

Often, when someone contacts our firm after a vehicle crash, the main reason isn’t because they are being mistreated by the at-fault driver or that’s driver’s liability insurer. Rather, it is because they are being mistreated by their own insurer which doesn’t want to pay the medical, lost wage or uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) benefits the person paid their premiums for. Insurers deny claims, send policyholders to biased “Independent Medical Examinations,” force them to submit to repeated deposition-like questioning, require endless documentation to substantiate simple wage loss claims, and pursue all manner of other strategies to refuse or delay paying their fair share. When your own insurance company is mistreating you, either in Oregon or Washington, you have rights. The law often imposes strong potential penalties to insurers who engage in these tactics, which can include full or partial payment of your related legal bills. To find out what laws apply to your case, call us (at no cost) to talk the issues over.